• Neck of the Woods (map)
  • 155 Karangahape Road
  • Auckland, Auckland, 1010
  • New Zealand

Superhero Second Line vs Ijebu Pleasure Club 
DJ Tido

Friday 4 November
Neck of the Woods

$10 presales from UnderTheRadar
$15 on the door

Two heavyweight bands meet for the first time in the fight to decide the ultimate question: what is the origin of funk? 

Swampy southern states, or the coast of West Africa? You decide in this clash of the titan horn sections. 


Fighting out of New Orleans by way of Metropolis
Weighing in at 763kg of funky brassness

What do Superheroes do once they get to old and unfit to carry on saving the world??... Learn to play instruments and start a second line band! 


Fighting out of Ijebu Ode, by way of Lagos Nigeria
956kg of percussive bass and chicken scratch guitars.

The new kid on the block, this 11 piece afrobeat juggernaut will show you that all pop music come from Africa. Trained in the Afro-funk style of the legendary Fela Kuti, they take on pop of the 80's, and show it who's the boss.